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Ginastera “Boo-boo” Sianturi (Chairman)

Music was perhaps the only thing in the world that Boo-boo could relate himself to during his childhood and adolescence. Anything else that was taught at schools or elsewhere required extra attention to comprehend, whereas music was an instantaneous vehicle that not only gave him an instant joy, but also a deeper understanding of the world around him. Through music, his curiosity grew and convinced him to pursue further formal music studies at Interlochen Arts Academy by the recommendation of Stomu Yamash’ta and the late Serrano Sianturi, the founders of Sacred Bridge Foundation.

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After graduating from Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan, USA, Boo-boo went across the Atlantic to continue his formal music training at the Royal Academy of Music in London, UK, and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Wales, majoring in Classical Guitar, studying under world Classical guitar giants such as Timothy Walker, Michael Lewin, John Mills, Julian Bream, and world-renowned composer Sir Peter Maxwell Davies.

After several years of performing and teaching across the US, Europe, and Indonesia, Boo-boo has dedicated his career and found his joy in teaching music and the guitar across schools in London. Furthermore, he realized the importance of music education to thrive, heavily drawn from the experiences and knowledge he learned in his home country. This passion and joy grew through the importance of education by introducing music and the guitar to beginners with ‘good fundamentals’ and ‘perspectives’.

Whilst teaching, Boo-boo alongside his long time guitar duo partner, Jonathan Wiseman, and several friends, Jason Noghani, Mita Alwi, Anwar Baadilla and several others, embarked on a journey in exploring and creating a new and unique form of creativity within a group, resulting in Gado-Gado enSambal, an experimental psychedelic folk rock group that started in London. This was naturally an extension of the spirit of Sacred Bridge and inspired by the original, extensive and provoking music programs such as Listen To The World, Intrasia, Rhythm Salad and Gaung. This project was never intended to satisfy the eyes of the masses nor to seek fame and fortune [following the trends of today’s current fads], but instead devise a program that focuses on capacity building of the individuals within, utilizing the role of the Arts as a vehicle to uphold the value of Equality in Diversity for a better future [reaching a common concord] by establishing respect and mutual understanding.

Living in a household that was also home to the Sacred Bridge foundation, where it was initially formed and thrived to exist, Boo-boo had already participated in various Sacred Bridge programs since childhood. Not knowing what it was all about and what his father (Serrano Sianturi) was actually doing for a living, his way of life was already exposed to the recipes to which become the bedrocks of Sacred Bridge; the sacred love, wisdom and knowledge that expose one’s being into the extremes (polar to polar) of living realities [polar to polar], and understanding a holistic way of life by building friendships. One crucial mission is not only realizing the hardships and challenges to be a good human being, but also by assisting others to be.

Upon the passing of the late Serrano Sianturi (ex-chairman of Sacred Bridge) in January 2019, the managing board of SB alongside Boo-boo, agreed to continue not only the spirit of the foundation, but also pave its way into the future. Boo-boo has seen the enormous positive impacts and contributions that Sacred Bridge has donated to the societies at large from individuals to corporations to governments; not only in Indonesia but also abroad.

Upon his return from London, Boo-boo took the role as the Chairman of Sacred Bridge Foundation, reviving and restructuring the foundation alongside very committed individuals, continuing the spirit of equality, respect and mutual understanding that have long been nurtured by taking up the ongoing and future challenges that humanity is facing.

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