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10 - 11 February, 2023
at Museum National of Indonesia


INTRA-CHROMATIC (IC) is the intercultural exchange between Indonesia and Sweden, represented by Sacred Bridge Foundation (Indonesia) and Konstmuseet (Sweden). The initiation began in 2020, that infamous year with rapidly changing situations and several challenges on the ground, which meant consistency in sharing and communicating with Skövde Art Museum bore its fruits a few years later. This is the first of a series of exchanges, commencing in Indonesia, with subsequent initiatives proposed in both countries in future instances.

IC will be presented in the form of an exhibition to enrich the capacity building Intra-Art Clinic. The contrasting chosen artists for this groundbreaking had gone through an initiation process, research and online discussions, which was curated by Sacred Bridge to kickstart the project. Besides their own creations/works, the artists have also been contributing to the earliest creative brainstorming process, conceptualising abstractions, and to some extent also involved in the administrative task/business that now we can proudly call, The INTRA-CHROMATIC.

In alignment with the central theme of Polyphonic Co-Creation, the IC Exhibition accommodates diverse themes (even conflicting ones) of artists (mostly from performative/non-performative fine arts), derived from within the Intra-Art(s) disciplines to present individual works. As important as the needs of caring and sharing for a wider society are, as are continuing to revive our social human nature, and collective spirituality, each artist’s individual uniqueness and character should be accommodated on an equal platform.

"Skövde Art Museum supports the Intercultural Exchange Program INTRA-CHROMATIC on a consultative level regarding the Swedish regional art scene, with combined knowledge of artistic practices alongside an understanding of Swedish culture. The Museum will also be able to support this project as a venue for information, meetings of the project, and possibly as a venue for lectures or workshops during the research initiation and future program implementation. "

Thomas Oldrell

(Art Director of Konstmuseet Skövde)

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